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Previous and Current Work

Kaitlyn is the author of The Public Sector Pivot: How Gen Z Will Lead a Renaissance in Public Service (May 2021). She writes about a number of subjects including public service recruitment, political theory, and tech policy. 

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The Public Sector Pivot: How Gen Z Will Lead a Renaissance in Public Service

Volcker Alliance Blogs

Analyzing the Influence of Big Tech Through the Rawlsian Basic Structure

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The future of the U.S. is in jeopardy – and it’s not just because of partisanship. In the end, hope for the future always lies in the next generation, and yet the government is ignoring this crop of energetic, purpose-driven workers.

A blog series written for the think tank The Volcker Alliance about Gen Z and public service.

In my senior thesis, I attempt to contribute to recent debates around the influence of big tech corporations on liberal democratic systems by contextualizing the role of big tech within a Rawlsian conception of the basic structure.

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